Safal Profitaire, A/3 1st floor, Prahladnagar
IN 380015 Ahmedabad
Ms. Jyotika Nagri
Products and new innovations

Biodegradable ground cover for weed protection and water harvesting

Shri Ambrica Polymer offers various types of ground cover fabrics in all different colours. The new product the company has added recently in its product basket is the biodegradable black weed control ground cover which is made from natural products. While waste disposal is becoming a bigger and bigger issue, this product will be solving two purposes, one being that of weed control while second being conserving nature.

Company profile

With assured quality right from the first stage of manufacturing - from utilization of Gravimetric mixers to customization at all stages - from weaving to designing to packaging, we can cater to professionals as well as retail distributors. AmTec is your choice of products for the applications of technical textiles.