IPM ESSEN donates over 1,000 trees to its exhibitors for anniversary

Initiative supports small farmers worldwide

For the 40th edition of IPM ESSEN, the Essen Trade Fair has come up with something special for exhibitors at the world's leading horticultural trade fair: Each booth received a voucher for tree planting on the first day of the fair. The codes can be redeemed online on the Treedom web platform, which collaborates with small farmers in Africa, Central and South America, as well as South Asia. The farmers plant the trees in their local environment, contributing to a sustainable ecosystem and securing a portion of their income. Treedom uses the proceeds to fund the training of participating agricultural cooperatives. Many exhibitors participated in the initiative during IPM ESSEN.

Those who have planted a tree can track the progress of their own tree in the shared IPM forest and see how the IPM community is growing. Additionally, regular information about the species and the project country is posted. After a few weeks, each tree receives an updated photo and GPS data. "Our heart beats green – that's why we wanted to give our exhibitors a special gift for the 40th IPM ESSEN. The tree planting initiative aligns perfectly with the fair. At the same time, we make the planet a little greener and support local agriculture," explains Andrea Hölker, project manager of IPM ESSEN, regarding the background of the surprise.

Climate trees are a focus at IPM ESSEN

At the 40th IPM ESSEN, exhibitors from 43 nations showcased their innovations in the exhibition areas of plants, technology, floristry, and garden features. The special anniversary edition offered numerous program highlights for the approximately 36,000 professional visitors. Especially in view of upcoming climate goals, horticulture is currently in demand. Therefore, climate trees and insect-friendly perennials were the focus of guided tours. In addition, the seminar "Big Trees for the City," offered by the German Association of Tree Nurseries, was a popular event.

For more information, visit: www.ipm-essen.de