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Mr. Peter Opschroef
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Company profile

Under the management of Peter and Christiane Opschroef, the Aflora horticultural business in Straelen on the Niederrhein has developed into a specialist for anthuriums and hebes. The third-generation family business now offers a variety of flamingo flowers and Hebe that is unique in Germany. In cooperation with a breeder, Opschroef has launched the highly acclaimed new Hebe line All Blooms. In 2023, All Blooms will be produced by a further 16 horticultural companies across Europe. Thanks to consistent expansion and modernization, a team of twelve permanent employees and three trainees now manages 2.5 hectares of greenhouse space and 1 hectare of open land. Peter Opschroef attaches particular importance to sustainable production - from the switch to peat-free soil throughout the production process, to paper instead of plastic bags, electricity from our own combined heat and power plant and photovoltaic system, CO2-neutral wood chip heating, a closed water cycle and energy screens to the use of beneficial insects in plant protection . In Opschroef's gardeners' box at IPM 2023, everything will revolve around anthuriums in five pot sizes, sustainable product solutions and Hebe with the new "All Blooms" line, reveals Peter Opschroef: "We are very happy to finally have ours again after 2 years Meet customers and fellow gardeners under the roof of the Landgard stand. We have not stood still and therefore have a lot of interesting things to report.”