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Company profile

AGRO CS was established in 1992, when started to produce substrates and fertilizers and sell goods for gardeners. In addition to their other activities, the AGRO CS company is an important producer and distributor of substrates, liquid, mineral, organomineral and long-term acting fertilizers, grass seeds, turf carpets, pesticides, sundry technical devices and other means to nourish and take care of plants.

We occupy a significant position in consumer’s markets in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. We owe two companies in Lithuania, which are engaged in mining black and white peat, which is a basic ingredient of substrates produced by AGRO CS. 

Nowadays AGRO CS consists of 4 divisions - Garden, Agricultural Service, Mechanical Engineering and Bioenergy Divisions. All of them are well known among its customers as a reliable and responsible supplier of products, services and modern technologies for gardening.

Our first PROFI formulas date back to 1996 when we created special types of substrates focused on professional growers.
The assortment have progressively been completed with different kinds of professional fertilizers, grass seeds, plant-growing containers, pesticides, mulching bark, different decoration materials, etc. As a result, we made up a complex offer for different groups of plant growers – truck farmers, florists, decorative and forest-seeding nurseries.

The company broadened the scope of their activities in 2001 with a new customer’s group – golf courses, football fields and turf-installing companies.

The assortment was enriched with the offer of rolled turf carpets, substrates for roof gardens, long-term acting fertilizers and decoration materials.

At present, the PROFI Turf Programme offers a complex system of garden and park applications to be used by new buildings, in front gardens of detached houses and in public parks. The portfolio of our products and services is completed by professional consulting and our own accredited laboratory.

• Golf Courses
The Golf Course Programme involves a professionally compiled selection of fertilizers, seeds and substrates for greening all zones of golf fields. It comprises special products to install and maintain high-quality turfs. No matter if establishing a golf course by seeding grass or using AGRO turf carpets, the result is always perfect also thanks to subsequent care for the turf using phytosanitary products and right fertilizers.

• Football Fields
The care for high-quality football lawns already starts when making the course or field, also considering the irrigation systems to be installed in the place. We prepare suitable substrate and choose an ideal grass-seed mixture or consider to install, if necessary, a turf carpet there. In addition, we prepare a system of subsequent fertilization.

• Garden & Park Applications
The Programme was established in 2004, focusing on cooperation with turf-installing companies specialised in gardening and landscape creations. Its main objective is to intensively meet the market needs in the sphere of professional garden and park applications both in private gardens and public areas.

• Rolled Turf Carpets
AGRO turf carpets are distinguished by high quality achieved thanks to top grass mixtures, a very intensive care and fast expedition to the place of their installation. AGRO CS has the largest turf nursery in the Czech Republic (35 ha) for growing high-quality turfs also thanks to using the latest technologies and top-rate machinery. The company automatically provides consulting services when subsequently installing turf.

All these activities have helped the company to become a respectable and reliable business partner
and to achieve a leading position in the market.