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Premium Lawn Fleece 25 cm x 4 m (1 m²)

Premium Lawn Fleece 25 cm x 4 m (1 m²)

For new lawn areas and the renewal of damaged lawns. 

  • Sheep’s wool fleece with robust, fast germing lawn seeds
  • Organic slow release fertilizer from sheep’s wool


  • 100% natural composition of sheep’s virgin wool
  • Robust and fast germing lawn mixture
  • 100% bio-degradable
  • Without synthetic additives and binders


  • For new lawn areas and the renewal of damaged lawns
  • Seeds are integrated evenly and germ fast
  • Sheep’s wool keeps moisture, therefore less watering is needed
  • The Sheep’s wool releases natural fertilizer (slow release effect) by decomposing
  • Easy to plant greenery and to stabilize areas affected by erosion, water and wind (e.g. on slopes or embankments)
  • The Lawn Fleece wards off moles and voles and prevents weed growth
Product range

Bio Liquid Rapid Composter 1 L

Bio Liquid Rapid Composter 1 L
  • Activates immediately - works faster 
  • Adds important nutrients

 The liquid and organic Bio Compostfix supports your compost by its transformation. Its formula delivers important liquids to support the rotting process on the one hand and spreads various organic nutrients evenly in the compost pile, supporting microorganisms on the other hand.

Product range

Bio Soil Activator 35 L

Bio Soil Activator 35 L

3 in 1 = Soil conditioner – Planting – Raised bed: Peat-free mixture made of

  • Structurally stable wood fiber and
  • Nutritious compost

Enriched with

  • Organic fertilizer for a successful growth and
  • Valuable root-activator mycorrhizae

By purchasing this product you make several contributions to the protection of the environment: This product was produced without peat and saves valuable resources. The engaged recycling foil is made out of  up to 80% post consumer plastic film. New energy and structure is added to the ground by using it.

Company profile

Founded in 1958 as a one-man operation by Senator h.c. Helmut Aurenz, the family owned business ASB Grünland, known internationally as ASB Greenworld, operting in the second generation meanwhile. Over 320 employees in 9 production sites and 10 sales offices are producing and distributing garden care products, such as potting soils, professional culture substrates, fertilizers, decorative mulch. Manufactured in Germany, Czech Republic, Estonia or Canada, the products were delivered to diy-stores, garden centers, grocery stores and drug stores or to professional growers.