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New product range of organic fertilizers

New product range of organic fertilizers

Last year, AVEMA GmbH from Göppingen presented the ODP-N fertilizer for the first time, a slow-release fertilizer that releases nitrogen more slowly and over a longer period of time than comparable organic fertilizers such as horn shavings or sheep's wool pellets. In response to customer requests, the range has now been expanded to include so-called short and medium-term fertilizer variants, which mineralize nitrogen significantly faster and to a high degree within four and six to eight weeks respectively. Due to the natural modification of the collagen fibre without synthetic resources, the ODP-N fertilizer remains organic and free of plastics.

Very good results were achieved in breeding trials at the HWST Weihenstephan in a peat substrate. The release varies over time depending on the substrate and/or peat substitute and is linear and uniform, especially with peat substrates, despite the early release.

The new fertilizers are currently being tested in selected horticultural businesses and nurseries.

Of course, all AVEMA fertilizers are FIBL-listed and comply with the EU Organic Regulation. They also comply with the guidelines of the Naturland and EcoVin associations.

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Company profile

AVEMA gives natural by-products and residual materials from industrial production a second life. Upcycling results in surprisingly creative and above all resource-saving products.

We offer clear added value through innovative, sustainable solutions. In our patented developments, we use recyclable materials that are a by-product in other productions. In this way, we reduce unused resources and also pay attention to energy efficiency and water consumption.

As a start-up and newcomer, AVEMA will present the following innovative products at the IPM 2024 trade fair:
ODP-N – An organic fertilizer pellet made from collagen fibers.
Link to the ODP fertilizer
GRETA® – The first and only completely home-compostable plant pot with built-in fertilizing effect.
Link to the plant pot GRETA

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