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Company profile

Established in the most dynamic horticultural region of France, the company benefits from strategic cluster: specialized transport, logistics platform, plant advice firms, horticultural supplies, greenhouse growers, specialized jobs, research and education pool...Maison Barrault claims more than 70 years of experience in the world of plants. Every year we produce more than 11 million plants in 3000 varieties with a total surface area of 33 hectares including 10.77 hectares of greenhouses and tunnels. More than 100 trained and passionate permanent employees grows crops and sort plants just before shipping orders.

We are specialists in a wide range of PERENNIAL AND AROMATIC plants in a diversity of containers, which adapt to different markets. we work with a diversified professional cultomers: garden centers, wholesalers, exporters, producers, nurseries and cities.

Our strength is our plant knowledge: we are multipliers of nearly 70% of our production. Our field of mother plants provides us with acclimated and hardy plants. Propagation done from seeds, cuttings, young plants and division of rhizomes and bulbs. Perennials and aromatics are grown outdoors, in a long production cycle. Frequent potting and cutting operations allow good formation of the plant and optimal rooting: a guaranty of quality.

The Company constantly invests in high-perfor- mance tools, giving plants a high quality. Robotics allows us to reach significant yields and recognized regularity. Our certifications:
MPS : level A since 2010
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