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NL 4033 CL Lienden

Company profile

Dear Sir or Madam,

Welcome to Nursery Roelofse-Jager

We would like to introduce you our nursery (a family company, founded in 1972) which specializes in the production of trees for lining out and potting. We also have spherical trees in our assortment. These trees are also suitable for garden centres.

By continually extending the range of products we cultivate our nursery covering some 25 hectares and situated close to the Opheusden avenue tree centre (distance3 miles) has become a leading provider of products from our own stocks.

Our company is affiliated to the NAK for horticulture (General Netherlands Inspection Service for Seeds of Field Crops and for Seed Potatoes). This organisation carries out regular checks on disease and inspects species authenticity.

Every year we plant some 55.000 rootstocks, which are always supplied by regular rootstock cultivators.

Activities like planting rootstocks, budding or grafting, placing stakes, pruning, digging up and sorting are only carried out by skilled employees.

Thanks in part to our experience and well-trained staff we are able to supply a high-quality product that our customers can then grow into a good end product.

Our trees are uprooted carefully and made ready for dispatch. All our plots are within a 5-kilometre distance of nursery Roelofse-Jager, enabling a speedy delivery in the digging season.

We deliver our trees for example in Germany, Austria, Switzerland,Denmark, France ,Poland and Hungary.

For more detailed information , please visit our website at : www.roelofsejager.nl

You are warmly invited to come along and visit our nursery, preferably by appointment.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our thanks in advance.

With kind regards,

Nursery Roelofse-Jager bv