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Bernhard Nursery; Phalaenopsis
Photographer: Margot Maljaars
bernhard Nursery: Phalaenopsis
Photographer: fotorien
Berhard Nursery: close up Phalaenopsis
Photographer: fotorien
Elegant Phalaenopsis Crown White
Photographer: Margot Maljaars
Company news

Bernhard Nursery is the winner of the 2021 Royal FloraHolland Greenovation Award.

Bernhard Nursery is the winner of the 2021 Royal FloraHolland Greenovation Award.

Royal FloraHolland’s annual Greenovation Awards recognise horticultural companies which have demonstrated exceptional leadership and achievements in the field of sustainability.

At Bernhard, run by brothers Bram and Simon Bernhard, a high level of sustainability (and thus a minimal footprint on the environment) is achieved through a number of operational practices, such as: the retrieval of CO2 from its heating systems for distribution back to plants; integrated pest management systems eliminating the need for chemicals; solar electricity production in combination with geothermal energy used to heat the nursery’s greenhouses with Elegant Phalaenopsis.

The geothermal heat is produced using 45,000 floating solar panels in a water basin, with the energy generated by the solar panels used to power the geothermal heat pumps. This combination of solar panels and geothermal energy is unique in the Netherlands.

Company profile

Bernhard grows cut roses, 200 species of Phalaenopsis, various types of garden and container plants, including Sundaville. At the IPM Essen we mainly present ourselves with the Phalaenopsis. Our range is unique with, besides the familiar standard range, the own Elegant line, which is only available from Bernhard and the special varieties from Taiwan, which are selected by us. Some of our species can be perfectly tied into a special shape, in which the orchid emerges as a living work of art. Because of its large and many flowers, the crown - which symbolizes the company - produces the real wow effect. Other forms are the twister, the umbrella, the mirror and the cascade.