Carl-Kühne-Straße 2
DE 47638 Straelen-Herongen

Company profile

The “Association of the German Flower Wholesale and Import Trade” is the national interest group of the German cut flower and pot plant wholesalers and import dealers. Our aim is the promotion and maintenance of the flower and plant wholesale sector in Germany.

We are the only association in Germany representing the rights and interests of the wholesale for cut flowers and pot plants and import dealers. Our work focuses mainly on the national and international representation of interests and branch marketing. Profit-making is not our objective. We – the BGI – represent with our members at least 3/4 of the German wholesale for flowers and plants. The membership is voluntary.

Beyond that we cooperate with partners on different levels. In this way we can work successfully on the national and European-wide sector for flowers and plants. Our network is our success!
Together with our partners we create the market of the “green profession”.