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Company profile

Bruno Nebelung GmbH – over 90 years of quality and innovation

On 1 July 1925, Bruno Nebelung and Franz Volmary founded the seed business Bruno Nebelung. They made it their task to provide seed retailers and professional growers with unmixed, highly germinable quality seeds.

For more than 90 years, Bruno Nebelung has stood for quality, innovation and horticultural tradition from the German Münsterland region. The company is now run by Nico Volmary, the third generation of the same family.

We attach the utmost value to further developing the trust of our customers, which has grown up over decades, and apply all our energy to ensuring that we supply highly germinable seed that is true to variety and of the best quality. Our topmost precept is that all our products should meet our customers' highest standards. We carefully review our varieties every year via growing tests under natural cultivation conditions. We offer new top cultivars from all over the world, traditional varieties that are popular with amateur gardeners and organic seeds that are tested to the strictest requirements.

Bruno Nebelung GmbH is represented throughout Europe with the popular and well-known quality brands Kiepenkerl, Majestic and Pegasus.