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Mr. Henry Nooteboom
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Company profile

Strong plants and customer-friendly service: this is what De Buurte nurseries are all about. In the Oene, Uddel and Heerde triangle, and with more than 300 acres of open nursery, container and greenhouse plants, we have developed into the largest wholesaler in evergreen garden and hedging plants of the Netherlands. Our major species include firs, box trees, cypress, ivy, ilex, juniper, Christmas pines, spruce, rhododendron, taxus and conifers; straight from our outdoor fields, potted or pot-cultivated.

Economy of scale is attractive because it offers competitive pricing to our customers, among other things; but quality is also at least as important. Our modern facilities combined with a long history as a family business is able to guarantee this. Moreover, we are MPS-certified. We naturally give maximum consideration to our customers’ specific needs in terms of volume, price, size and logistics. Would you like to find out more? Select retail, landscaping, or export information below, or go to the menu above to learn more about our company to initiate a successful purchasing programme!