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It became this.
The green together with the grey, weathered wood. The stylish, sleek, functional that should interact with the other natural elements around it. Harmonize.
And be as damn stylish as you never seen tubing or its accessories before.
In colors that blend in. In a material you've been longing for.

Company profile

Anna Benson, a visionary entrepreneur, founded by Benson 2017, a Swedish award-winning brand known for its very demanded collection of nearly 200 stylish home and garden products.
At by Benson, we prioritize quality, function, design, and sustainability. Our packaging uses recycled paper, with minimal plastic, and our products feature durable materials like ashwood.
Our Christmas collection includes the market’s best-selling Christmas tree stand in the Nordic countries. Our Garden Collection with the popular water hose earned “Garden Product of the Year” in Sweden 2022 and has been nominated in many other countries.
Today, by Benson collaborates with concept stores, garden centers, and marketplaces worldwide with a strong presence at international design fairs. Our products have caught the eye of customers also outside Europe as far as Japan, South Korea, South Africa, and South and North America.
Anna grew up in Småland in southern Sweden, with a father who was one of Sweden’s largest Christmas tree producer since 1974 and a mother who is a gardener and florist. Anna says she grew up among Christmas trees, flowers and bees.
“by Benson is a testament to my creativity, entrepreneurship, and commitment to merging beauty and sustainability in everyday life.
I have never understood why things are designed to be hidden? As a creator and artist at heart, I’ve always sought harmony and beauty in the world around me. One day, while landscaping my terrace in Stockholm, the idea for our stylish hoses was born. I refused to disrupt the natural beauty with a bright red, orange, or plastic water hose. I wanted something that harmonized with its surroundings, blending seamlessly with the natural elements. Or why not take a brush and a dustpan that is very handy. It needs to be close. Reachable. Not hidden somewhere. Far away. In a colorful plastic material. Do you feel the same?
Welcome to by Benson.”