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Ms. Annarita Manera
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New! Mangave Praying Hands! proposed by Cactusmania in a terracotta poit called Terra
Photographer: Cactusmania by Manera
Ferocactus emoryi cultivated in Terra pot made under the Italian sun
Photographer: Cactusmania by Manera
Annarita Manera owner of Cactusmania, Ventimiglia, Italy
Photographer: Cactusmania by Manera
Succulent plant of Portulacaria afra variegata in Neris terracotta pot
Photographer: Cactusmania by Manera

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Cactusmania presents Mangave® Praying Hands

Cactusmania presents Mangave® Praying Hands

Cactusmania by Manera present at the IPM Awards 2024 the Mangave® Praying Hands. Praying Hands has a very compact habit and grows up to 25 cm high and wide. This super succulent is drought tolerant and can handle some neglect. You hardly have to worry about it! A unique, sturdy succulent that steals the show indoors and outdoors, and being a true sun worshipper, the perfect addition to the exotic terrace. Protect it from frost and wet feet, and you’ll be friends for life!

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Cactus - Succulente e composizioni 

Cactusmania is an Italian company situated at the border with France not far from the French Riviera. Surface area 12.000 m


We sell wholesale to garden centers and florists. 

For the past 35 years we have produced, imported and exported succulents of every size ( cactus, euphorbias, caudiciformis, crestations and rare collectors plants ).

We specialize in compositions of the very latest design, and our aim is to provide the highest quality of plants and service to our valued costumers.

For an over vieuw of our company and our production, we invite you to visit our website: