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Product range

Training programs

Formative programs designed to launch costarican enterprises into the process of internationalization and update those already involved in this process, as well as facilitating their access to markets. 

Product range

Individualized Business Agendas

Individualized Business Agendas: The arrangement of individual exporter visits to potential buyers abroad, with business appointments having been organized through PROCOMER’s Foreign Trade Offices (OPCs according to the initials in Spanish).

Similarly, the OPCs send individual buyers to Costa Rica to meet with Costa Rican exporters.

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Trade Missions

Market visits for groups of businesspeople, with accompaniment to sales points with an agenda of prearranged appointments made according to business’s profile and its products market potential.

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International Trade Fairs

The bringing together of sellers and buyers at the same site. These fairs may be generalized or specialized and permit the verification of market tendencies and competitiveness, along with the establishment of commercial contacts. 

Product range

Buyers Trade Mission (BTM)

The Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promotion Agency (PROCOMER according to the initials in Spanish), the official body in charge of promoting the country’s exports, has organized the Buyers Trade Mission (BTM) for 16 consecutive years.
Thanks to the BTM, export companies have effectively managed, diversified and maintained clients in the long term. These are key factors towards success for small and medium-sized businesses which the BTM has provided with an export platform for innovative products, giving them the means of positioning their talent within international markets, so increasing their sales, capacities and the market segments available to them.

Success stories over the years have included the placement of goods in supermarkets and retail chains, distributors and specialized segments of the industrial sector in countries such as: Germany, Poland, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Russia, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Italy, the United States (New York, Miami), Mexico, Canada, Central America, South America, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Surinam, Barbados, Jamaica, Panama and China.

Additionally, our international guests from more than 34 countries have consistently found in Costa Rica products of the highest quality within a secure framework which provides an excellent business environment thanks to the people and the labor force behind it. This combination of elements combine to allow the development of long-term relationships and business made with the rest of the world. 

BTM, a meeting point for business in Costa Rica, provides a world of opportunities to promote economic growth, strategic alliances, and international contacts at the highest levels. Indeed, BTM is already a consolidated international event, kept in mind by international buyers.

Product range

Ornamental Plants and in vitro plants

You can find in our stand 1B17: Dracaenas, ficus, bromelia, in vitro plants, aglaonemas, codiaeum, among others.

Company profile

The Export Promotion Agency of Costa Rica (PROCOMER according to the initials in Spanish), is a non-governmental public agency responsible for the promotion of Costa Rican exports.

To this end, PROCOMER undertakes the design and coordination of export and investment programs, as well providing technical and financial support to the Costa Rican Ministry of Foreign Trade (COMEX, according to the initials in Spanish) in the administration of special export regimes. Additionally, it is responsible for the promotion and protection of the country’s commercial interests, the centralization and simplification of import and export procedures, and the monitoring of foreign trade statistics.

PROCOMER further acts as a facilitator for companies in the process of internationalization by means of providing information, diagnoses, formation and advice as to related procedures, programs and services. Similarly, support is provided to small and medium-enterprises with the aim of strengthening their export capacity and the placement of products and services in the international market. 

Additionally, working together with the Chambers of Commerce and Enterprise Associations, tools are developed to promote trade and sensitization processes with the objectives of strengthening Costa Rican exports, achieving diversification of markets, increasing both the value and the volume of exports, and maximizing the efficient use of opportunities provided by Free Trade Agreements.

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