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Hydrangea RUNAWAY BRIDE 'Snow White'

Hydrangea RUNAWAY BRIDE 'Snow White'

Hydrangea RUNAWAY BRIDE ‚Snow White‘ is a revolutionary new interspecific hydrangea that flowers not only on terminal buds, but also from virtually all lateral buds in late Spring, resulting in an unbelievable profusion of pure-white lacecap flowers, often with a soft pink blush. Reliably remontant, this exceptional variety will continue to flower well into Autumn.

Due to the absolutely exceptional flowering behavior, completely new product forms are possible with this hydrangea - in addition to standard products, wreaths, columns, hearts, hanging baskets and many other shapes are also possible.

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Cultivaris GmbH focuses on product development and innovation in crops and the processing of new varieties of plants for the international market, in particular procurement and testing of third-party varieties, breeding of new plant varieties using conventional and innovative breeding methods, establishment and maintenance of pathogen-free candidate crops, development and pathogens Production and distribution of alternative food crops, protection and management of intellectual property as well as the management of the distribution of own varieties worldwide.