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Products and new innovations

Strong in steel and glass

Strong in steel and glass

Steel and glass structures for 

- Garden centers

- Production greenhouses: 

  • Widespan
  • Venlo
  • Cabrio 

 - Photovoltaic projects

- Research facilities

- Wholesale outlets, institutional projects, industrial buildings

- Botanic greenhouses

- Equipment for greenhouses

- Special architectural and utilitarian projects

The total package projects (turnkey) are carried out worldwide using the own people.

The strength lies primarily in the turnkey approach, in other words, Deforche Construct not only takes care of glasshouse or conservatory design and construction but also take full responsibility for coordination and implementation of the interior furnishing (layout of equipment and fittings), for cooling and heating, irrigation, electricity, complete automation and climate control, even integrated solar panels have long been part of what they offer. For the commissioning party or the architect the company act as sole point of contact, which is easier and faster.

In consultation with the customer, his/her architect and the own research department, the company always works out an appropriate, customised solution based on functionality and productivity. The best quality at a competitive price has become the trademark. That’s why Deforche invests continually in up-to-date production equipment and qualified staff.

Company profile

DEFORCHE CONSTRUCT - architectural greenhouses

  • Important supplier for architectural glas, steel and aluminium construction for garden centers and greenhouses
  • Worldwide turnkey projects carried out using our own people.  Own Engineering and Design department, own Production and assembly teams.
  • Turnkey projects with full responsibility for coordination and implementation.
  • Sole contact point of contact, which is easier and faster.
  • More than 85 years - innovative - competent - highest quality
  • Family business in 3rd generation