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Mr. Miguel de Graeve

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In 1999 the sons of a Belgian azalea grower set out to make robotic equipment to sell to other growers. They began with the “Degraplace”.  A mobile pot-robot, self-propelled through the cropping area, to place plants in beds.  The same robot can pick up the plants to move them elsewhere (trimming / spacing).  More than 100 robots with a width of 1.5m up to 12m are successfully installed.

The “Ter-a-spacer” is another exclusive DEGRAMEC solution for spacing plants perfectly.  It is a combination of a self-propelled bufferbelt with the pot-gripper from the Degraplace. A forklift brings the plants to the robot. 

An alternative to the “Ter-a-spacer” is the “Compact-robot”. This machine is also supplied with plants by forklifts but has more options for different spacening-patterns. Our machines are driven by wheels, tyres, tracks or mecanum-wheels. Guidance by GPS, camera or laser

Degramec delivers a complete range of bufferbelts with push-over and take-off robots, forklifts and forks. They excel in offering client-specific solutions to the grower industry.

Other customer-specific equipment (like trimming- and transplanting-machines, conveyors, grading, …) are also in the Degramec product range.

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