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OneTouch HighFlow Valve - Easy-To-Use, Lightweight, Durable

OneTouch HighFlow Valve - Easy-To-Use, Lightweight, Durable

Dramm is pleased to introduce our new OneTouch HighFlow Valve. The New OneTouch HF builds on the success of our original OneTouch Valve. While both valves are durable and easy-to-use one handed, the NEW OneTouch HF offers twice the flow, or up to 60 Liters per minute at 3 bar.

A concern during the design phase of this new valve was the potential for it to become very heavy. To increase the flow, we needed to increase the opening on the ball that rotates to shut off the water. The NEW OneTouch HF is only 10 grams heavier than the original, or about the weight of 10 paper clips. Despite the light weight, the NEW OneTouch HF is as durable as the original with brass male threads and a die-cast zinc body.

The NEW OneTouch HighFlow is now shipping in Europe. See the new OneTouch HighFlow at the IPM show in Essen this January.

Learn more about the OneTouch HighFlow online at http://www.dramm.com/html/main.isx?sub=669

The Dramm Corporation has produced quality products and solutions for growers for over 75 years. Founded in 1941 with the invention of the 400AL Waterbreaker, the Dramm Corporation continues to innovate to help its customers flourish.

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Since 1941, Dramm has provided quality plant health solutions for greenhouses. With the invention of the 400AL Waterbreaker, the Dramm Corporation started a path of innovation that now spans several product categories: Hand Watering Tools, Complete Irrigation Systems, Water Treatment Systems, Chemical Application Systems, Environmental Control, Organic Fertilizers and Consumer Gardening Tools.