Liepu g. 1
LT 40334 Sepeta, Kupiskis distr.
Ms. Sigita Kantautiene

Company profile

UAB Durpeta” is one of the oldest existing peat extraction and processing enterprises in Lithuania. The cooperation of specialists from the enterprise and professional plant growers and consultants from different countries of the world has resulted in the peat substrate data base with more than 500 recipes for flowers, vegetables, decorative plants, etc.

At present, the enterprise is engaged in processing light sod peat, brown and black peat, and produces professional substrates with various additives on demand: those can be fertilizers, limestone powder, clay, sand, perlite, microelements, biohumus, coconut fiber, etc.

During the last five years, the enterprise, with the help or most advantaged technologies and equipment, has been manufacturing the products of an exceptional quality adapted to the flora of a given country. In its production of peat and peat products, “Durpeta” uses most advanced technologies that give it the advantage of competitiveness against other enterprises of similar spheres. In its daily activities, the enterprise promotes the usage of means that help cut expenditures and reduce pollution and relentlessly tries to find ways to reduce the impact of technologies, operating in peat-bogs, on the health of workers and the environment, as well as takes extra care of the appropriate treatment of the waste as a by-product of the production process: the enterprise has signed contracts with waste treatment companies on the collection of waste, while the waste of biological origin is recycled into biofuel.

In the long-term strategy, the company expects to become an efficient, customer-orientated, reliable, and socially trusted company with optimal exploitation of peat resources. The improvement of the customer service efficiency, the creation of a modern organizational system, the introduction of advanced management methods, and the optimization of production processes – these are the nearest future plans that the company has been implementing by continuously investing in the renewal of its production means, the introduction of newest technologies, and the growth of its production potential.