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Using a production management app to grow smarter

Using a production management app to grow smarter

The new digital feature from Ellepot connects their integrated propagation system to the Ellepot Live app (available for IOS and Android). The intuitive app is designed to make production planning easier.

The app translates machine data into easily understood visuals, assisting production managers in calculating and ordering production materials and keeping track of daily goals, and it also assists machine operators in performing maintenance tasks, ordering certified Ellepot spare parts, and contacting the Ellepot Service Team.

“Everything you need to track and plan out on a day-to-day basis is there on the app, but there is actually also an Ellepot Live web solution that allows managers further production insights like statistics and other details. It was just important for us to create a tool that was very convenient, and we all know that most people have smartphones nowadays, and that is why we say that Ellepot Live is something you have right at your fingertips, it simply couldn’t be any more convenient,” says Ellepot CEO, Lars Steen Pedersen.

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At Ellepot, we dedicate ourselves to helping our customers save money by becoming more efficient and productive, and to grow greener by eliminating plastic pots and bags in propagation.

Our integrated propagation system consists of specially designed machines and propagation trays, and specially developed paper for paper pots, and as part of our integrated solution, we also offer worldwide service.