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More air in the pot

More air in the pot

The new Ellepot machine FlexAIR produce pots with high air content, which gives you a softer pots for easier sticking as well as extremely optimized conditions for strong, natural, and fibrous root growth.

The FlexAIR provides great value with an integrated production line and a range of other top benefits; 

⋅ Up to 20 per cent more air in the pots

⋅ Significant savings on soil/substrate

⋅ Super-fast sticking

⋅ Extremely optimized root growth

With up to 22 pipes and an impressive capacity of up to 48,000 pots per hour, the new FlexAIR technology gives growers full control, automation and high flexibility.

Company profile

At Ellepot, we try to make a difference and to help our customers do things smarter. Smarter for the environment, and smarter for business.

With Ellepot and our integrated Ellepot propagation system, germination of all kinds of crops can be done in a smarter, greener, and more sustainable and efficient way than current propagation methods allow. 

Our vision is to help our customers improve production efficiency, optimize handling and deliver increased yields and lower costs of goods produced. All this by using the Ellepot propagation System.

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