Aalsmeerderweg 890
NL 1435 EX Rijsenhout
Ms. Debbie Elstgeest
Product range

Product list 2019

  • Alocasia spp. (rooted young plant)
  • Calathea spp. (rooted young plant)
  • Chlorophytum spp. (rooted young plant).
  • Codiaeum spp. (rooted young plant)
  • Cordyline fruticosa spp. (rooted young plant)
  • Dieffenbachia spp. (unrooted cutting and rooted young plant)
  • Dracaena spp. (rooted young plant)
  • Homalomena spp. (rooted young plant)
  • Musa spp. (rooted young plant)
  • Philodendron spp. (rooted young plant)
  • Rhoicissus spp. (rooted young plant)
  • Schefflera spp. (rooted young plant)
  • Syngonium spp. (rooted young plant)

Company profile

We are a Dutch young plant producer of tropical foliage plants and perenials. Our young plants go worldwide to a wide range of growers.

At our website  you can find additional information concerning our company and assortment. Please feel free to take a look at the website.

And of course, we are at our booth (6.A.36) for all your additional questions. Do we see you there?

Kind regards, Debbie Elstgeest