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Products and new innovations

Brassica Empire: The new generation

Brassica Empire: The new generation

Breeder Evanthia Seeds & Plants from the Netherlands presents the new generation Brassica Empire series. In addition, a wide selection of cut flowers, pot and bedding plants plus a selection of tropical plants and seeds will be presented.

The cultivation of Brassica/ornamental cabbage has grown to a large article in the Netherlands in recent years. The excellent shelf life and exclusive appearance make the Brassica Empire a popular cut flower that does well in a bouquet or as a mono bunch.

Evanthia’s new Brassica Empire series contains up to 90 per cent less bacteria than the most popular commercial breeds according to the research by the Royal FloraHolland Knowledge Center. As a result the risk of contamination in bouquets, which is the cause of unpleasant odours, is greatly reduced.

The complete range with up to 14 varieties can be found at http://www.evanthia.nl .

Company profile

Evanthia is a relatively new name in the ornamental sector, but with knowledge and experience for more than 25 years. Evanthia concentrates on the breeding of cut flowers from seeds, the global trade in seeds of cutflowers, pot,bedding and tropical plants. Also the distribution of unrooted cuttings of bedding plants and the own seed technology department are important activities of Evanthia.