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Kook book 2023 with Multi-Talent Chrysanthemum

Kook book 2023 with Multi-Talent Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum is a real all-rounder and a success in the flower trade. It offers volume, colour and durability at an affordable price. These ingredients are part of the recipe for success for timely flower arrangements and flower arrangements with which florists inspire their customers and are therefore guaranteed to be successful.

Fachverband Deutscher Floristen e.V./FDF and justchrys have been working together for many years with the aim of supporting the industry with creative contributions in line with trends and constantly developing new chrysanthemum designs. They are presenting the new flower collection in the "" showroom, which inspires the industry throughout the year and creates additional sales impulses at the point of sale.


Stand events

Floral highlights in the FDF World in Hall 1A at the inspirations-area of German Florist Association

Floral highlights in the FDF World in Hall 1A at the inspirations-area of German Florist Association
Hall 1A Stand 1A-A11
01/24/2023 09:00

Germany's best florists and international Floral designers show innovative floristry ideas in Essen

After a two-year break, national and international top florists will meet again in January 2023 on the FDF show stage at IPM ESSEN 2023 and inspire the specialist audience with flowery creations.

For the first time after their fantastic victory at the German Florist Championships/DMF in Berlin, Germany's florist elite will be appearing on a live stage in front of a large audience. At the invitation of the Fachverband Deutscher Floristen e.V./FDF and the FleuraMetz Group, Germany's master florist Christopher Ernst from Thuringia, runner-up Martin Neumann from Saxony-Anhalt and third-placed Andreas Müssig from Bavaria will be presenting new, innovative floristry ideas. According to the motto "Sucessfull together" they show trends and inspirations with top products from the FleuraMetz range. Christopher Ernst, Martin Neumann and Andreas Müssig are masters of their trade in craftsmanship and design. Her floral designs are an expression of her personality! Germany's top florists are also showing a line on the show stage that is practical and practical for the point of sale. In doing so, they set strong signals and valuable impulses for successful flower marketing. In their shows "be creative! be smart! be successful!" invite the specialist audience on a flowery journey, the aim of which is successful floral designs and creative flower ideas with the top sellers in this branch in flower shops.

Under the leadership of the international online teaching platform "FLOOS - the crafter's secret" with the charismatic frontman Carles J. Fontanillas, international greats from the world of floristry are expected in the Ruhr metropolis. The online platform presents well-known figures from the world of floristry and is known for unusual floral techniques and innovative floristry recipes from professionals for professionals. Every year FLOOS also publishes a book with flowery design ideas. At IPM ESSEN 2023, the Fachverband Deutscher Floristen e.V./FDF and FLOOS are presenting this successful teaching concept and have invited well-known personalities from the FLOOS community to Essen. The performers give an insight into extraordinary designs and show how current trends can be translated into contemporary floral design.

Germany's participant wanted for the international competition Eurofleurs in Slovenia

Talented newcomers of the flower business will compete against each other at IPM ESSEN 2023 in the FDF World for the preliminary decision for participation in Eurofleurs 2023 in Slovenia. The international European competition of young florists will take place from August 22nd to 26th in Slovenia near the capital Ljubljana.
At IPM ESSEN 2023 it will be decided who will represent Germany in the championship of young florists in Slovenia.

Product range

Inspirations, trends and marketing for successful flower retail

Inspirations, trends and marketing for successful flower retail

Perfectly timed for the start of the year and as an inspiring start to a successful business year, the Association of German Florists is once again presenting innovative flower designs, seasonal decorations and new floristry ideas in the FDF World in Hall 1A, Green City, at IPM ESSEN 2023.

Company news

Fit for the floristic future with the FDF trainings and seminars

Fit for the floristic future with the FDF trainings and seminars

For the year 2023 we have again put together an extensive and varied course program for you. With our seminars, we prepare florists for the increasing demands in the industry. The offers are aimed at florist entrepreneurs as well as at the employees in our profession. The support of the daily work in the flower shops is in the foreground. There is also a strong program of pre-exam seminars for trainees, whose participation means that young people are well prepared for their intermediate and final exams. A new focus in the seminar program are the consecutive online business seminars. Other new offers in the FDF training program are legal seminars on drafting contracts, courses on personnel management and employee motivation, the sales seminar "Personal Branding - The Art of Selling Authentically" and of course a colorful bouquet of design seminars on the various main topics of floristic practice.

Stay on the ball and keep fit at work by participating in an FDF training seminar!

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German Florist Association / FDF - strong partner for German florists

Fachverband Deutscher Floristen  (FDF) / German Florist Association is the professional, employer and interest group for German florists. Founded on September 19, 1904, the association today looks after and takes care for about 3,500 members - owners of flower shops - nationwide through its 11 state agencies. The FDF is there to support and advise you. The focus is on qualified training and further education for florists. The presentation of the range of floristic services and the promotion of floristic culture in the public and in politics are further focal points of the association's work. In addition, there is individual member advice on professional, tax, insurance and legal issues.

At the IPM ESSEN, the association presents itself together with partners in the FDF World in Hall 1A, Green City. This inspiration area focuses on marketing concepts for the retail and floral collections for the modern specialist flower trade. In its presentations, the FDF draws a line from high-quality show floristry to practical staging for the sales-boosting marketing of cut flowers and plants in the florist retail trade. Trade visitors are invited to a lively exchange with national and international colleagues. In FDF showrooms, competitions and exhibitions, they experience the different facets of modern and inspiring floristry.