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Young plant sorting (YPL)

Young plant sorting (YPL)

The Flier Systems Young plant sorter is a compact sorter of young vegetable plants and cuttings that focuses on simplicity, plant-friendliness, dirt vulnerability and hygiene.

With the help of industrial technology, the young plants are directly sorted into correct tray without the need for cups.

Product range

Mobile sticking machine MSM19

Mobile sticking machine MSM19

The Mobile Sticking Machine automatically positions and inserts round milled sticks in Stone wool blocks to support the plants. 

The machine moves automatically along the (12 wide) row of Stone wool blocks. It can lift the blocks approximal 130 mm and separates every row. Furthermore it will align the blocks exactly in the correct sticking position. It does not matter how the blocks are positioned in the greenhouse, the Mobile Sticking Machine will always follow the blocks.

Company profile

Flier Systems is a Dutch (family owned) business with over 85 years of experience in automation and mechanization solutions for the global greenhouse horticulture. Especially for young plant nurseries. We put the customer's demand first and work with proven techniques for customer specific solutions. To do this, we use the FLEX methodology; that is a modular application for the flexible use of our systems. We think along with customers and are a sparring partner for future market developments. We are continuously on the lookout for smarter modular customised solutions and better results for our clients.

In our logo you could recognize a stylized buffalo horn: a robust animal that combines strength and perseverance with strategic insight. It stands shoulder to shoulder with other buffalo’s. And so do we. We rely on our own strength and core values and believe that cooperation with reliable partners boosts and accelerates these. The expertise, commitment and loyalty of our co-workers, customers, suppliers and partners are crucial to us.

We are passionate for the automation and mechanisation of young plant nurseries and deliver what you need!