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Company profile

Garden ve Koala Ltd. is established in Adana in 1987 and functioning since 30 years in floriculture sector (growing indoor-outdoor ornamental potplant). Gardenkoala aims always to be the pioneer and leader company in this sector with its innovative point of view. 30 years of experience with its greenhouses in Çukurova Region is the indicator of the regional importance of Gardenkoala's establishment. Due to its innovative understanding Gardenkoala constructs its greenhouses appropriate to the eventual conditions by implementing all the necessary technological developments on both growth and sales and always tries his best, to achieve the targets. The production is made in 90.000m2 greenhouse and 30.000m2 open field, totally 120.000m2. It grows mainly more than 40 sort of plants, which exceeds 5.000.000 units of production capacity per year.
Gardenkoala with its high-tech glass greenhouse investment is the first Phalaenopsis grower in Turkey, and take place in the domestic market with the yearly production of 1.000.000 Phalaenopsis pot plant.
Gardenkoala addresses to whole Turkish Market and while delivering the grown plants to the customer uses special refrigerated trucks in order to create an appropriate life condition to supply to the end-customers healthy plants. As a result of so many years export market research; Gradenkoala always targets to offer new projects and products to the world market.
Gardenkoala has been supplying high-quality pot plants through sister Company Yanko to the leading supermarkets in Turkey.
The plants are distributed with their special sleeves and barcodes, thus all are ready to be sold in the supermarket branches.
Gardenkoala is the first MPS certified company among ornamental pot plants producer in Turkey.
Gardenkoala is entitled to get MPS certificates (MPS-GAP, MPS-SQ, MPS-ABC) which is one of the most important international certificate of horticulture sector. These certificates assure of quality, sustainability, social and environmental conditions which are carried out by certificate holder to its whole customers.
By generating 600kW electricity from solar energy in our facility, we aim both to increase productivity and minimize cost of production in the frame of environmental impact.

Gardenkoala, has adopted the idea of a more beautiful world with flowers, aims to spread the culture of flower among the society and to implement the love of flowers.

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Take the advantage of location:
Gardenkoala, located in the south of Turkey on the Mediterranean coast along with on the route of the road to the Middle East market is located in a strategic location due to its proximity to Mersin Port and to the new international airport which will be established soon. Our company is 43km away from Mersin Port and 10km away from the new international airport which is still under construction. Our refrigerated vehicles can reach to the Netherlands within 4 to 5 days. It takes 15 days from Mersin Port to Rotterdam Port by ship. Semi-manufactured and manufactured plants imported from China can be reached to us within 25 days. Using its advantage of location, our company is currently exporting to Netherlands, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia and many Middle East countries. Due to its proximity to many international markets, our plants can be reached to many countries in a shorter time and in a healthy way.

Take the advantage of climate:
Our company is always one step ahead of its competitors with the advantage of producing ornamental plants in a region where it has a mild Mediterranean climate. It has a determinant position in the sector with the advantage of launching the first product of the season. Our company can produce plants at lower costs and use sunlight at maximum level due to the mild weather conditions during winter months.

Take the advantages of wide product range:
Our company produces more than 30 different kinds of potted ornamental plants. Green plants, flowering plants, phalaenopsis, kalanchoe, Mediterranean plants, succulents, ficus bonsai and more. Our company has 11 different climate-controlled greenhouses according to the climate needs of each product. In this way, our company can make the production of different varieties plants simultaneously without compromising on quality. Gardenkoala can meet all the demands of its customers from a single point with the advantage of having a wide variety of products. This saves time and provides convenience to our customers.

Take the advantage of sustainability:
Gardenkoala, which makes a sustainable production in terms of quality, environment and social facilities, also meets its electricity needs with solar panels within the company itself. Our company has achieved European standards thanks to its MPS certificates (MPS-GAP, MPS-SQ, MPS-A). It continues to work on biological control methods for the fight against diseases and pests.

Take the advantage of low cost:
When compared with the many countries, labor costs in Turkey are more advantageous position in the global market. Thanks to lower energy consumption with the advantage of the mild climate, our company minimizes the costs.