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H&B Plant is located at the heart of the Dutch avenue tree centre Opheusden. The company was founded in 2003, and is a family business since July 2022. Today we can offer a very wide range of avenue trees on more than 25 hectares.

Thanks to highly qualified employees, fertile river clay soil and successors, we deliver plants of the highest quality – now and in the future.

H&B Plant cultivates an interesting assortment, including a number of exclusive varieties, of twice, three and four times transplanted trees. Due to the combination of our own nurseries and a wide network of, carefully selected, suppliers our assortment includes circa 400 species.

We know that fast delivery is very important for your business processes. And to be honest, we are accustomed to nothing less.

We would like to invite you to visit our company, to show you around our tree nursery and give you an impression of our range of trees. Feel free to contact us in order to find out what we can mean for each other.