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Company profile

Hauert has been producing and marketing fertilizers for professional and home gardening for over 350 years. The company was founded in 1663 on the site of today's headquarters in Grossaffoltern BE, Switzerland.

The small fertilizer company has long since become the Swiss number one for horticultural fertilizers. Since the acquisition of the Erlangen-based fertilizer producer Günther Cornufera in 2007, Hauert has also been present in Germany with quality fertilizers, and in 2018 the German company Manna in Ammerbuch was transferred to Hauert Manna Düngerwerke GmbH. Internationally, the company sets the quality standards for organic and organic-mineral fertilizers.

Research as the basis for innovation

Thanks to targeted research in plant nutrition and development in fertilizer production, Hauert has been able to come up with groundbreaking innovations time and again and has thus acquired extensive know-how over decades. In-house production of methylene urea ensures consistent quality in the supply of an important raw material.

The latest breakthrough was achieved with the development of the Sphero process: Our process engineers have succeeded in developing a granulation process with which organic substances can be incorporated into granules of the best quality. The grower benefits from dust-free processing, the plant from a targeted supply of a balanced mix of nutrients.

Committed to ecology

Fertilizers will be needed as long as humans populate our planet. Hauert will continue to give preference to organic fertilizers and manufacture its products on the basis of local renewable raw materials wherever possible. Where this is not possible, we use state-of-the-art technology to conserve valuable resources.

Hauert has been using organic fertilizers since the 1930s - a whole range of Hauert products now bear the Swiss organic label, and with HauertBio, organic farming has its own product line.

Organic fertilizing is the goal, and Hauert will keep this goal in mind as it takes future steps.


The product range includes innovative slow-release fertilizers, specialty fertilizers, coated fertilizers, nutrient salts, liquid fertilizers, micronutrients, methylene urea, soil conditioners and an extensive range of biofertilizers.