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Mr. Pitt Frühhaber
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Company profile

Hauert – the Brand for Horticultural Purposes
• Founded in 1663
• Family-run in the 12th generation
• No. 1 in Switzerland -both in professional horticulture and hobby gardening
• Fertilizer specialist -with a firm commitment to ecology
• Own development and test installations with a high range of knowledge
• Full product range for all sectors of plant nutrition with innovative products and applications
• Customer advisory service and quality control laboratory support
• Implementation of numerous development projects in cooperation with professional
   horticulturists and research institutes
• With high quality, organic and organic-mineral fertilizers Hauert sets European standards for
   many years

Main products:

• Speciality fertilizers for horticulture
• High professional lawnfertilizer
• Biological fertilizer
• MethylenUrea (slow release fertilizer)
• Water soluble nutritive salts
• Liquid fertilizers