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Products and innovations

Many novelties especially for young city gardeners

Hauert MANNA Düngerwerke GmbH is presenting its current range of products. With the traditional brands Hauert, Manna, Manna Bio, Biorga and Wuxal, the company covers the entire spectrum of plant nutrition for the professional and home garden sector.

Above all, the Manna product range was decisively further developed last year. It is primarily aimed at the growing group of young city gardeners. Accordingly, the new products are available in handy, not too large, attractively designed packages.

Among the special fertilizers are both conventional and organic products. Their application is simple and over- or underdosing is hardly possible even for garden beginners. All are easy to spread and can be applied dust-free.
New, for example, is the "Manna Rose Fertilizer" or the "Manna Tree, Shrub and Hedge Fertilizer". Most hobby gardeners today rely on purely organic fertilizers, especially in the kitchen garden sector, because they want self-grown fruits and vegetables in organic quality. For them there are now nine new organic products in the Manna range, including universal fertilizers such as "Manna Bio Hornmehl" and special fertilizers such as "Manna Bio Obst- und Beerendünger" or "Manna Bio Hochbeetdünger". They all contain exclusively natural ingredients that are slowly broken down by the microorganisms in the soil and are then available to the plants as nutrients over a long period of time.

A "Manna Organic Lawn Fertilizer" can also be found in the current catalogue as well as a whole range of other lawn care products: For example the "Manna Lawn Fertilizer Premium", which was specially developed for demanding playgrounds and ornamental lawns.

Company profile

Hauert – the Brand for Horticultural Purposes
• Founded in 1663
• Family-run in the 12th generation
• No. 1 in Switzerland -both in professional horticulture and hobby gardening
• Fertilizer specialist -with a firm commitment to ecology
• Own development and test installations with a high range of knowledge
• Full product range for all sectors of plant nutrition with innovative products and applications
• Customer advisory service and quality control laboratory support
• Implementation of numerous development projects in cooperation with professional
   horticulturists and research institutes
• With high quality, organic and organic-mineral fertilizers Hauert sets European standards for
   many years

Main products:

• Speciality fertilizers for horticulture
• High professional lawnfertilizer
• Biological fertilizer
• MethylenUrea (slow release fertilizer)
• Water soluble nutritive salts
• Liquid fertilizers