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Hayleys Eco Solutions

Hayleys Eco Solutions

Horticultural Products | Erosion Control | Growing Media | Industrial Fibre

Company profile

Hayleys Fiber Sri Lanka is a world renowned manufacturer and exporter of eco-friendly coir based products. We are a subsidiary of Hayley's PLC, diversified blue chip conglomerate with a rich history of over 140 years. Hayleys was awarded Best Corporate Citizen in multiple occasions in Social Sustainability, Employee Relations etc.

Product Portfolio of Hayley's Fiber falls into 5 distinct groups;

We supply GROWING MEDIA solutions based on coir peat, husk chips & chopped fiber. These products are ideal for soil-less cultivation sought after by DIY gardeners, greenhouses & landscapers. Product range include grow bags, bulk blocks with 100% coco peat or mixes, retail packs with ready to use media.

Products designed for HORTICULTURE. These products include Basket Liners, Weed Suppressors, Bark Guards, Plant pots & creeper guides. All products are totally natural & biodegradable.

Product designed to make ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS. This range includes products for erosion & sediment control, slopes & river bank stabilization, highway construction & numerous other applications. We offer coir netting, stitched blankets, coir logs, pillows, sediment traps, silt mats, etc.

INDUSTRIAL FIBERS - coir twine is the main product which is extensively used as the stringing medium for hop cultivation, various gardening applications & Oyster & Meonggae cultivation. Coir twisted fiber & fiber in bale shape is highly sought after by bedding, automobiles, upholstery & drainage filter manufacturers.

Coir & spring MATTRESSES, manufactured according to international standards, are superior in comfort & elegant in design & tailor made to your desired specifications.