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Company profile

Holland Scherming is part of Holland Groep Westland, situated in Maasdijk at the gate of the Westland area. We are a modern and ambitious organisation, founded in 1987 and specialized in developing and installing greenhouse screening systems. We serve end users and turn key projects in the greenhouse industry, garden centres, wholesale and constructors of customized buildings. Our projects vary in size and we operate on an international basis. Holland Scherming has helped defining quality standards for greenhouse screen systems. We can count ourselves proudly as one of the three largest screen installers in the world.

Holland Gaas is a modern organization specialized in insect netting systems for the horticulture sector. We operate on internal and foreign projects from our new location in Westland. Our projects vary from small-scale to very extensive.

The Holland Gaas system can be used in greenhouses, for keeping out harmful insects, and keeping in useful insects in an environment-friendly way. This unique patented netting system has been developed and tested by Holland Gaas, and it`s supplied as a complete package.

The compact folding system is suitable for both existing and new greenhouses. The system ensures maximum ventilation and a minimum loss of light.

The optimum mesh size and air permeability can be stipulated in consultation between Holland Gaas and the customer. The carefully designed system with its permanent folds ensures perfect folding and a tight closure of your greenhouse roof.

Naturally Holland Gaas guaranties a durable system, made to your specific requirements.Holland Gaas is able to supply compact, easy to install insect netting systems. If required, an experienced supervisor can guide the installing process.