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123 Schleifenprofi Ribbon Printer

123 Schleifenprofi Ribbon Printer

The 123 "Schleifenprofi" ribbon printer works with a digital embossing method. The printer is specially designed for ribbon printing and is fully industrial-compatible.

The 123 "Schleifenprofi" ribbon printer prints ribbons of different material (Satin, Super satin, moire, Super Satin Premium) with real metallic printing (gold, silver) or other colors (black, white, bordeaux). The ribbon printer uses the high-tech premium printing foils which are specifically designed for the 123 "Schleifenprofi" ribbon printer, and guarantee a printing result that meets the highest standards.

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Aliminum Labels

Aliminum Labels

Our high-quality aluminum labels are exclusive advertising mediums with a wide range of applications and an enormous external effect – Advertising that people remember!

With our label design, your individual handicraft becomes an exclusive brand.

Examples of implementation:

  • Self-adhesive labels: The back of your labels are equipped with industrial adhesive pads for secure mounting on many materials such as wood, glass, ceramic, basket, plastic, candles, bottles etc.
  • Perforated labels: Your labels are equipped with a 2 mm bore for secure attachment to workpieces such as Plantings, plants, floral objects and gifts, etc.
  • Business cards: Your business cards are available in all shapes and sizes.
  • Loyalty cards / Bonus Cards: For your customer / bonus cards a punching device is included, which makes the punching of cards possible.
  • Flower-Taler, Flower-Euros, Flower-Franks or your own individual flower currency.
  • Your gift cards – freely configurable.
  • Pricing systems based on our high-quality materials. Individual systems for the pricing of fresh flowers, display systems, etc.
  • Wall paneling based on our materials.
  • Connector systems for large plants work, green spaces or for grave care.
  • Custom-made items such as shopping cartchips, bottle labels, seating cards, etc.

Do you have any other ideas to put your brand on the scene?

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  • In our target markets, we are the market leader in stamping-realistic digital ribbon printing.
  • Our customers produce in the simplest way the ribbons with the best quality at the most optimal price.