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H2Gro liquid - a unique wetting agent for growing media

H2Gro liquid - a unique wetting agent for growing media

H2Gro is a unique wetting agent specially developed and produced by ICL Specialty Fertilizers for use in growing media in ornamental horticulture crops. H2Gro will improve the water uptake and the water distribution in the substrate.

H2Gro is available in packing sizes from 10 litre cans up to 1000 litre IBC. The product is made to be mainly applied in fresh produced growing media and for plants already on the container field. Especially the last option is great for growers faced with dry pots which do not absorb any water. Applying H2Gro helps to prevent pots from falling over, thus limiting production losses. The new available H2Gro will help to increase plant quality and more importantly: you will work easier and quicker with better results. At nurseries, H2Gro can be applied using Dosatron or other dosage equipment.

H2Gro grower benefits

1.) Long-term activity suitable for several re-wettings

2.) 3-in-1 mode of action: wetting and spreading agent, penetrating agent and re-wetting agent. Manages water issues

3.) Effective, efficient and reliable. Guards against plant stress

4.) Plants stay in healthier condition after they are sold

5.) Less dried out (hydrophobic) areas

6.) Improves the uptake of nutrients

Company profile

Innovative fertilizer technology, expert advice

ICL Specialty Fertilizers' ornamental horticulture range leads the way in innovative technology that results in advanced solutions and the highest quality fertilizers.
Our portfolio exists of powerful coated and water soluble fertilizers including leading brands Osmocote, Peters and Universol. Our Osmocote Exact product is recognised by professional growers as the fertilizer product that delivers optimum results. 

All of ICL Specialty Fertilizers for ornamental horticulture share one thing in common: they provide precisely what plants need to flourish and be profitable. Our team of dedicated technical experts ensure your fertilization plan is tailored to match your production system and your crop's nutritional needs.