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Save €240 annually per light fitting, whilst maintaining HPS yield rates with INDO ELEMENT. Designed and manufactured in the UK, this pioneering grow-light uses reliable Direct Drive® technology (no LED driver required) to give 100,000 hours of maintenance-free life with NO PPF degradation OR spectral shift. Perfect one-for-one replacement of HPS lighting without needing to alter growing topology

Company profile

INDO is a pioneering UK manufacturer of highly stable, cost-effective LED lighting solutions for the horticulture market. Our driverless LED grow light (INDO ELEMENT) is easily installed without re-wiring and has NO driver to worry about, giving customers 100,000 hours continuous operation. Perfect 1-for-1 replacement of HPS lighting while allowing the current growing topology to be maintained. Each fixed power unit covers, on average, between 4-8sq metres depending on specification and customer requirements.

Another key point of difference is the fact that INDO ELEMENT does not feature the unreliable, shifting properties found with ‘tunable’ grow lights. Instead, crops are exposed to spectral conditions that remain the same over the life of the LED system with our fixed spectrum light mixes that use innovative, phosphor-coated blue LEDs for consistent growth rates and more reliable long-term production yields.