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Save €240 annually per light fitting, whilst maintaining HPS yield rates with INDO ELEMENT. Designed and manufactured in the UK, this pioneering grow-light uses reliable Direct Drive® technology (no LED driver required) to give 100,000 hours of maintenance-free life with NO PPF degradation OR spectral shift. Perfect one-for-one replacement of HPS lighting without needing to alter growing topology

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INDO Lighting is a UK-based manufacturer of lamps and fittings for the European lighting market.  The company was founded in 2007, originally trading in early energy-saving induction technology, and is now firmly established as a leading supplier of innovative LED retrofit lamps, gear trays and luminaires.

INDO has taken the lighting industry by storm in recent years with its pioneering range of high performance, driverless LED street lights and lamp retrofit solutions. The technology takes a different approach from all other outdoor luminaires, doing away with all unreliable (and costly) wear-out components.

Now well established with proven results in highway lighting and following extensive research and development, the time is right to introduce and demonstrate how INDO's innovative Direct Drive® products are perfectly suited for the horticultoral market; where improving plant performance and driving out unnecessary operational costs are critical.

We offer a high level of technical collaboration to help clients through the entire project lifecycle and deliver specialist lighting solutions that will make a real difference.