Via del Girone 17
IT 51100 Pistoia

Company profile

For three generations we have been growing plants in the fertile plains of Pistoia, the capital of the modern European plant nursery industry.

With over 250 hectares of nurseries, we produce a wide range of outdoor ornamental plants with 1,500 plant varieties which are either grown in the field or in containers to become spectacular ‘instant effect’ specimen plants.

In our nurseries, you will find a complete range composed of trees of all sizes, with more open or upright growing habits, hedging plants of all sizes for any type of screening, Mediterranean species, multi-stemmed shrubs, natural bushes, large grasses, conifers, fruit-trees in selected varieties, as well asunique topiary specimens, from Japanese Macro Bonsais with their sculpted shapes right up to more geometric, unusual shapes, ideal for modern designs.

You will also find an assortment of recent and improved varieties selected for their better tolerances to difficult soils, drought, extreme weather conditions and pollution. Also, better products grown economically, more reliably ornamental and with better autumn colours, giving a new purpose to the most popular, classic varieties.