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Romeo - ecologically strong against fungal attack

Romeo - ecologically strong against fungal attack

Romeo® is a biofungicide that contains the patented active ingredient Cerevisane®. The active ingredient consists of cell walls of the yeast strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Cerevisane® induces the plant's own preventive defense mechanisms against key diseases.

It is approved for growing vegetables in greenhouse, in ornamentals in open field and greenhouses as well as on lawns incl. §17 against downy and powdery mildew and botrytis. With Romeo® the vegetation period can be optimized effectively and ecologically. Pesticides can be reduced to a lower level without effects in yield. It also offers the possibility of effective resistance management and thus helps to protect the existing active ingredients and avoid potential residue issues. By taking preventive measures, you avoid damage to plants, beneficial insects, and soil life, which is essential to secure future yields.

In field tests it has be able to determine an increased effectiveness of Romeo® in combination with specific fungicides (sulfur, copper and chemical agents), which is why Romeo® is explicitly recommended to support and improve existing strategies. Phytotox damage is not to be expected from Romeo®.

It has been proven to help reduce copper, prevent resistance and switch the active ingredients without questioning the quality of the strategy. Since Romeo® does not contain any living organisms, it is ideal as a mixing partner in the tank mix or for alternating application. For the best possible effect, it must be used preventively. Depending on the pressure, it has an infestation-reducing effect on its own.