Middenweg 591-b
NL 1704 BH Heerhugowaard

Company profile

Iribov is a global breeding support laboratory founded in 1992 and employs nowadays 500 people in 3 locations in The Netherlands (Heerhugowaard), Macedonia (Vinica) and Ghana (Sogakope).

The services of Iribov are Plant Tissue Culture, Breeding support and Analytical Services.

Plant Tissue culture: Initiation, Virus Elimination, Naktuinbouw Elite certified production, Stock Maintainance, Protocol Development, Large Scale Propagation, Hardening.

Breeding Support: Gene Bank Storage in Tissue Culture, Interspecific crossing, Embryo Rescue, Mutation Induction, Dihaploid production, Polyploidization, Marker Assisted Breeding, Crispr-Cas (future development).

Analytical Services: Disease indexing (PCR), Seed quality control, Flowcytometry, Cytology, Biochemical Assays, Bioassays.

The portfolio of Iribov covers over 350 plant species in over 10.000 varieties for the ornamental horticulture, vegetable and (soft)fruit companies and the plantation industry worldwide.