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Clematis 'Sugar sweet'

Clematis 'Sugar sweet'

Clematis 'Sugar Sweet' is a new sensation in the clematis world, because of the strong smell. Until now there was no flat clematis that has a strong smell. The clematis probably originated from a cross between Clematis cadmia x florida / courtoisii. The flowers are eight to ten centimetre tall and have six petals. The flowers are lilac in color, RHS color: 94C.

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Javoy Plantes pépinières is a french familial nursery, specialised in climbers and leader in clematis production. We're proposing about 400 differents varieties of climbers, including 150 clematis varieties. 

We're offering a hug diversity of clematis in young plants for growers, including new varieties and exclusivities as clematis "sugar sweet" a summer flowering clematis with perfume.