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JUB Holland is an all round Flower Bulb company in the production and trade of Flower Bulbs and winner of the Dutch Horticultural Entrepeneur Award 2017 / “Tuinbouwondernemersprijs 2017”. Our company is holder of the Royal Warrant, member of Anthos, participant to the foundation Quality Seal Flower Bulbs Holland and associated to MPS, SKAL, Milieukeur and Planet Proof. JUB exports to more than 40 countries and worldwide the company is known as a royal class producer and trader in flower bulbs and bulb flowers. JUB is famous because of their high quality standards and their policy with regard to sustainability.


Being member of the foundation Quality Seal Flower Bulbs Holland means that bulbs traded by JUB Holland meet the highest quality standards. This is also proved by the results of the inspections which are carried out by the independent quality inspection service BQ Support. Our attention to quality combined with our customer service and our excellent merchandising concepts makes JUB Holland in the field of quality as one of the acting companies in the flower bulb business.

Sustainability                                                                                                                                                                                                                 JUB JUB is member of MPS, SKAL, Milieukeur and Planet proof. This means that we give the highest priority to environmental issues, which is also proved by our decision to become the first company that joined Planet proof.  Our sustainability standards for the production of flower bulbs are very strict and by joining this foundation JUB Holland is seriously aiming to reduce the use of chmicals during the production process of flower bulbs and flowers. In that respect our company is a front runner in the industry and with our policy in the field of sustainibility, we also motivate our collegues to pay their highest attention to the environment.

JUB Holland is a family company that continuously innovates in new merchandising concepts for our retailers. Next to that, we also developed a unique planting machine that is used for the planting of bulbs for the landscaping market. With the delopment of this machine and our willingness to share our knowledge on an idustry level, JUB Holland gave important new impulses in the sales of flower bulbs for landscaping.

Quality, sustainibility and innovation are the key words in the philosophy of JUB Holland! In January 2018 we have won the International Grower of the Year 2018 award for Cut Flowers and Flower Bulbs organised by AIPH.             

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