Robert-Bosch-Str. 25
DE 59348 Lüdinghausen
Mr. Stephan Schröder

Company profile

BYE BYE FOLIE! Under this brand, we develop and produce a wide range of sustainable and climate-neutral reusable packaging for various load carriers, e..g. danish trolleys. Founded more than 18 years ago as a textile company in Münster, we have a lot of experience in textile processing. This know-how enables us to respond individually to any customer requirements.

The use of our packaging solutions reduces the use of plastics by up to 95%. Of course, sustainability also plays a major role in the production of these protective covers. Our products are produced exclusively in Germany and more than 90% of our suppliers are located within a radius of less than 200km from the production site. Since the use of recycled materials and climate neutrality can almost be called standards by now, we go one step further as a member of the "Seaqual Initiative" and offer product variants in which so-called marine plastic is processed. In this case, plastic is not used from existing recyclable material cycles, but plastics from the oceans, where they disturb and threaten the animal and plant world, are reintegrated into these cycles. Another important point when it comes to sustainability is the focus on the longest possible useful life of the products. We offer our customers a repair service in case of possible damage. In this way, our products are not only more sustainable but also more economical than the mass use of stretch films.