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PLA Sleeves

PLA Sleeves

You see and hear it everywhere: horticulture also needs to become more sustainable. That is why Koen Pack has added some 100 per cent biodegradable sleeves to our standard range. These sleeves are made of a durable and naturally degradable material. They are printed with water-based ink which it is better for the environment.

What are the advantages of PLA (Poly Lactic Acid)?
This material is not made of fossile fuels, in contrast to traditional plastics. These sleeves are made from renewable sources like sugar cane and corn. Because these sleeves are biodegradable, they can be composted after use. The consumer can simply throw the sleeves into the green waste bin together with the leaves. It is 100 per cent industrially compostable.

Product range

Compostable sleeves Basic Style

Compostable sleeves Basic Style

Koen Pack does not stand still, therefore now available for plants also: compostable plant sleeves in various sizes, made of water-repellent paper. According to the test results, this paper meets the EN 13432 standard and can be collected with green waste.

The sleeves are attached to a block, the bottom is open and they are excellent to use by machine. If you would like to become acquainted with this item, please request a sample package from your account manager. 
Take into account a delivery time of approximately 3 months for orders with large numbers.

Company news

Sustainable packaging - Koen Pack is looking forward to further development in 2019

Sustainable packaging - Koen Pack is looking forward to further development in 2019

In 2018 Koen Pack and its customers invested heavily in the development of less environmentally harmful packaging for flowers and plants. Koen Pack has not only expanded its collections with environmental friendly products. Koen Pack has also introduced more sustainable materials such as covers made from biodegradable plastics (PLA) and sleeves and pot covers made of compostable Hydropaper.
The sector has become more aware of the use of sustainable materials. Recycling is a hot item and Koen Pack believes it is important to keep informing its customers about this. The Koen Pack project group Environment is therefore concerned with everything that has to do with separating waste, recycling, developing sustainable products, Corporate Social Responsibility, the circular economy and, last but not least, educating the customers.

At the IPM Koen Pack shows the sustainable collection and gives explanations and advice about products and materials used. With personalized information about the use of packaging for the flower and plant industry, Koen Pack will again strive to become more sustainable, together with their customers.

Company profile

Koen Pack is market leader in packaging materials
Koen Pack became market leader in packaging materials for the flower and plant industry since its inception in 1996. Every day millions of flowers and plants make people happy all over the world. Whether it is in The Netherlands, the United States of America or China, it is likely that a flower or plant packaging comes from Koen Pack. You will therefore find our packaging everywhere.


For customization you are at the right place at Koen Pack
Koen Pack is a leader in developing innovative and original packaging. Besides our wide standard assortment you have come to the right place for customization. You can have your flowers and plant containers personalized with your logo or other branding elements. You can brainstorm with our designers to create your own packaging. The possibilities are endless. Our motto is 'The personal touch'. You will notice that our personal approach, excellent value for money and high quality service are based on this thought. If you have a question about our standard assortment, or if you are interested in creating your own design or if you have any other question about our assortment, please contact our team at +31(0)20 545 2470 or send us an e-mail 

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Koen Pack is a professional organization that earned its traces in the flower and plant packaging. With thorough knowledge, a good dose of creativity and many years of experience in the industry, our expert staff always provides you with the best advice. Whether it is a simple or a complex packaging need, we are looking forward to be of service to you. Not only de we do our best to provide you with professional service, fast delivery is also an important part of our service. Thanks to our large stock, an adequate network of suppliers and an excellent logistics team, we are able to deliver on short notice across Europe and around the world.