Sluisweg 20
NL 6581 KA Malden
Ms. Susanne Scheepers
Product range

End of line packaging machines

End of line packaging machines

- Case Erector

- Case Sealer

- Tray Erector

- Lid Applicator

- Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper

- Full Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Company profile

Lantech is specialized in the development, assembly and marketing of modern packaging machines. With 50 years of experience, Lantech is located in the middle of the market, where we strongly respond to the trends in packaging.

Lantech's passion is focused on optimizing the processes in the "End of Line" packaging. Throughout the years we have introduced important innovations, strong improvements, with the aim of simplifying the packaging of the final product of our customers, in which maximum efficiency is achieved.
As founder of the pallet wrappers, with more than 70,000 machine installations worldwide, Lantech makes use of the technological advances and knowledge to offer.

As a producer, Lantech is early adapter of lean manufacturing technology, which has been proven in many companies and groups. Now worldwide Lean work has become a way of life in Lantech, resulting in high quality products.

From our European headquarters in Malden (NL) our organization is eager to assist you in solving and / or optimizing your packaging problem.