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Case Erector

Case Erector

Square cases are the key to successful secondary packaging. Lantech Case Erectors are the key to square cases.

Square cases pack better, stack better, and protect better. They provide the structural integrity to deliver the performance their designer intended. Fact: cases lose 30 per cent of their stacking strength if their sides are not aligned. There are barriers to erecting square cases. Thinner corrugated, temperature and humidity changes, and variations in case blanks can cause cases to be “unsquared” or lead to machine jams.

Lantech Case Erectors overcome these barriers through precise case management and 100 per cent control of cases throughout the entire erecting process, ensuring your cases perform as designed and are produced with maximum efficiency.

Product range

End of line packaging machines

End of line packaging machines

- Case Erector

- Case Sealer

- Tray Erector

- Lid Applicator

- Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper

- Full Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Company news

Lantech Founder receives award at 6th International EUMOS Conference.

Lantech Founder receives award at 6th International EUMOS Conference.

Stretch wrap inventor recognized for career devoted to cargo securing.

Malden, Netherlands December 2019 – The European Safe Logistics Association (EUMOS) held their 6th International Conference in Valencia, Spain to discuss the latest research and practices with the goal to make roads safer.  Lantech Founder, Pat Lancaster, received the EUMOS Award for recognition of his career devoted to cargo securing, helping to make logistics on the road safer in Europe and on a global scale. 

In the course of the conference, participants coming from various industry sectors, academia and the public sector demonstrated their commitments in striving toward zero fatalities on the road by 2050, as determined in the EU Vision 0 Initiative. 

Forty-seven years of correlative testing and logistical experience have provided Lantech with a wealth of data, and produced an evidence-based prototype for maximizing load wrap quality that includes:

·        Specified containment force (with high and low limits) at the top, middle and bottom of the load

·        Each load effectively bonded to the pallet with a rolled or gathered rope placed above the fork truck entry of the pallet

·        No dragging film tails

Lantech’s performance-tested method can help companies prevent in-transit damage and maintain compliance with the initiative.  You can read more about Lantech’s time-tested load quality metric for an uncertain regulatory environment in our blog.  

About Lantech

In 1972 Lantech made an impact on the world by inventing the stretch wrapper and changing the way companies package and protect their products for shipment.  Now, billions of pallet loads are stretch wrapped every year.  Today we build case and tray handling machines in the Netherlands and stretch wrappers in the United States, with sales and technical support worldwide.  Over the years our business has been built on innovation, customer support and the mission to dramatically reduce shipping damage globally. 


EUMOS is a non-profit organization devoted to improving safety throughout the logistics chain, has been instrumental in the development of several standards for cargo security and continuously works with load security experts to improve those standards in Europe. 

Company profile

Lantech is specialized in the development, assembly and marketing of modern packaging machines. With 50 years of experience Lantech operates close to the market, where we strongly react to the trends in packaging market.

Lantech's passion is focused on optimizing packaging processes in the 'end of line' packaging. Over the years we introduced strong improvements by major innovations, with the goal to simplify the packaging process of the final product of our customers
in which a maximum return on investment is achieved.

As founder of the stretch wrapping machine, with more than 75,000 machine deployments worldwide, Lantech makes use of technological advances and knowledge to offer packaging-oriented solutions

As manufacturer Lantech is early adapter of Lean Manufacturing technology, which has proven itself in many companies and groups. Now worldwide Lean work has become a way of life in Lantech, resulting in high quality products.

From our European headquarters in Malden (NL) our organization is eager to support you in solving and / or optimizing your packaging problem.