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Baytree nursery

Baytree nursery

Laurus nobilis Topiary

Baytree pyramid

Baytree crown on stem

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Laurica-plants Baytree nursery: IPM Stand 6C26

Laurica-plants Baytree nursery: IPM Stand 6C26

Laurica-plants is a family-run firm and an international market leader in high-quality bay trees. The firm has built up an outstanding reputation thanks to the high quality and uniformity of its bay trees. Laurica-plants has an extensive range and is an established name at international horticultural fairs. The firm is not only well known for its high-quality bay trees, but also for the excellent service it provides to wholesalers, garden centres and landscape architects.

Company profile

For more than 25 years, Laurica-plants has been a trusted partner for various wholesale businesses and gardencentres. Laurica-plants has built up a European reputation as a prompt and reliable supplier of Belgian and high-quality baytrees. Quality is the Hallmark of the company. This guarantee, combined with perfect service, ensures that Laurica-plants remains the market leader. The selling season for baytrees as patio plants is primarity in spring, but may extend troughout the year. Each plant is provided with a Laurica label.