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Sustainability made accessible

Sustainability made accessible

LiveTrends Design Group believe in providing the very best quality Danish-grown houseplants, whilst also being mindful of the impact on the environment. The promise is to provide the best quality, Danish-grown houseplants in 100 per cent peat-free soil so you can enjoy the beauty of nature in your home without harming the planet.

As the only producers in Denmark of peat-free plants, LifeTrends Design Group is proud to lead the way in sustainable gardening. Peat, while traditionally used for its moisture and air retention qualities, is extracted from peat bogs, fens, and marshes, where it takes thousands of years to form. This makes it a non-renewable resource and contributes to the release of carbon dioxide, accelerating climate change​.

The commitment to sustainability goes beyond just peat-free compost. The company unstand the challenges gardeners face in transitioning from peat, which is why the products are designed to offer consistency and reliability. LifeTrends use innovative materials like wood and coconut fibers, which not only perform as well as peat in all areas but are also more environmentally friendly​.

Moreover, the plants are grown without plastic grower pots, further reducing the environmental footprint. This aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly gardening solutions and positions us as a pioneer in the Danish market. Join it in making a positive impact on the environment, one plant at a time.

LiveTrends Design Group has combined its products with its unique collection of indoor paper pots are handmade by a community of wonderful female artisans in Panadura, Sri Lanka. Through the Home Work Project, they are able to earn a living while caring for their families. The pots themselves are made out of 100 per cent recycled paper and coated with natural latex. They are watertight and will last for many years, but when you have finished with them, they are fully compostable.

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IPM Special Deals

IPM Special Deals
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These thoughtful Bold Thinkers feature three poses in different monochromatic shades. The organic design paired with the concrete texture embodies the spirit of eco-brutalism. We have a special deal for our booth visitors interested in purchasing this item! Come visit us to find out

Why purchase these Bold Thinkers?

• Unique Design: they showcase a distinctive and artistic design, making them stand out in any space.
• Versatile Use: Perfect for holding plants, but they can also be used as decorative statues.
• Durable Material: Made of a sturdy and durable material that's resistant to wear and tear.
• Compact Size: Suitable for both small and larger spaces, offering flexibility in placement.
• Ideal for Gifting: These "Thinkers" can be a perfect gift for art enthusiasts, plant lovers, or anyone who appreciates unique decor.

Secure these in your range at the IPM Essen tradeshow before they sell out!

Company profile

LiveTrends Design Group and its brands bring the beauty of natural art to your home with inspiring interior plant decor. Our in-house team of designers, horticulturalists, artisans, and problem solvers innovate at each step of our 18-month creative cycle. By crafting our own trend guides inspired by emerging technologies, fashion, and cultural affairs, we offer designs that resonate with consumers.

Our designs are offered through four unique brands: LiveTrends, BotanIQ Lab, Urban Jungle and BeYou.

LiveTrends focuses on fusing nature and design to create unique living décor. Each one of our designs features living components (airplants, foliage, cacti, etc) is hand assembled by artisans . Every year, the creative team at LiveTrends produces over 500 new, trend-inspired designs. With product offerings for every holiday, season, and a stunning core line, the possibilities are endless.

BotanIQ Lab strives toward offering familiar, timeless and essential home decorations withinin reach. BotanIQ lab honors and challenges traditional design within the boundaries of familiarity. The result, is an astonishing line of articles that help create warmth and a welcoming feeling.

Urban Jungle offers plants for mindful living as an avenue to nurture life, build green sanctuaries, and express creativity. It offers natural and contemporary collections featuring attractive, innovative houseplants with beautiful, understated upgrades and accessories.

BeYou is a fresh new brand for playful personalities that encourages positivity, connection, and self-expression. This affordable label offers collections which explore pop-culture, empowerment, and new technology.

Through innovation, hard work, and desire to achieve the impossible we innovate the indoor plant and home decor industry through living, expressive, and mindful design.

The stand in the interactive hall overview

The stand in the interactive hall overview