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Drive solutions for horticulture

Drive solutions for horticulture

A sound investment in the future

Lock drives deliver ultimate standards in terms of performance, reliability and quality. Therefore, for any horticultural company, it makes sound economic sense in the long term to invest in these products. With a Lock drive, you obtain a fully fl edged product that you only need to involve yourself with on one occasion: its installation. You see, as a general rule, a Lock drive will last at least as long as your greenhouse.

Furthermore you can fi nd Lock products in a great many specialist applications such as mobile greenhouses, lifting systems for heating and lighting, up to internal transport systems and packaging machines.

With a great selection of power drives, couplings and rack & pinion units, Lock is able to guarantee optimum quality right down the driveline. This has a benefi cial impact on the bottom line and, in the long-term, it reduces service costs.

The strengths power, range of choice and modularity also apply to the product family of rack & pinion units, the EZD, AZD and ZSG ranges. With loads of 500 to 2500 N you can move anything from a simple polytunnel to the heavy double-glazed panels in a wide-span greenhouse and all types of roof and side ventilation systems.

If you need to get a move on, even the standard EWA drives can operate at up to 10 rpm. Things get even faster with the Speed-Logic, with up to 15 rpm, e.g. for open-roof vent systems.

Company profile

We shall help our customers around the globe to create an environment in which people, animals and plants feel safe and well.

Professional greenhouses for the horticultural sector set very challenging demands on the technical components they use for ventilation and screening. From garden centres to botanical gardens, top gardeners from around the world have been placing their confidence in Lock products for decades.

For more than 60 years, the experts from Lock have been working on drive solutions for greenhouses.

With its innovative powers, Lock proves that drives for ventilation and screening can become ever more efficient, without making any concessions in terms of reliability or durability.

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