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The Cooperativa L'Ortofrutticola of Albenga, founded in 1941, is the largest agricultural cooperative in the region. It brings together over 630 agricultural producer members on an area of ​​approximately 2,000 hectares, which represents more than 60% of the cultivable area of ​​the Albenga plain.

The Cooperativa L'Ortofrutticola of Albenga has a rich history and a promising future.

History and Development

The old headquarters of the cooperative, located in Via Dalmazia, was built in 1969 on a surface area of ​​approximately 11,000 square metres, of which 7,000 are covered. In the 1980s, the cooperative decided to expand to maintain its leading position in vegetable and flower production. To do this, it built 7,000 m2 of greenhouses and 3,000 m2 of shed on an area of ​​over 30,000 m2, located near the Albenga motorway exit, in the Massaretti Region. This expansion has allowed the cooperative to grow and prosper.

Transfer and Current Affairs

In 2004, the Cooperative purchased land in the Massaretti Region where it moved its headquarters to a modern logistics center capable of responding to new market needs. Starting from July 2002, the Vegetables Dept. was moved to the headquarters of Reg. Massaretti with the aim of creating a unified center for the contributions of associated companies. The new structure is equipped with a modern packaging and storage line.

The Future of the Cooperativa

For the next few years, our goal is to guide production towards market needs, so that each company can specialize in particular products. Furthermore, we aim to increasingly coordinate the times and quantities of the product ready for sale. The new headquarters represented a new starting point for fruit and vegetables.

Certifications and Quality in the Flower Sector

Every year, we choose around 150 companies from among our members with whom we enter into a procurement contract. Our selection is based on the following criteria:

Product quality
Manufacturer reliability
Certificates held by the company and Logistics.
The Ortofrutticola is required to collect the product within the agreed deadlines, provided that it is of good quality. The member has the obligation to make the product available exclusively to the Cooperative.

Quality control in the Flower Sector

Our team of technicians carries out an initial quality control phase directly at the companies. If the product is satisfactory, we collect it via our vehicles and transport it to the warehouse. Once it arrives in our warehouse, the product is subjected to a second quality control. If the product meets our standards, it is placed in the aisle dedicated to preparing the customer's order. In this way, we guarantee the traceability of the products for each individual order.

Fruit and vegetable sector

The vast range of products offered by our fruit and vegetable sector is represented by many quality items. The most representative items for which Ortofrutticola has obtained the traceability mark are:

Carciofo "Spinoso"
Pomodoro "Cuor di Bue"
Asparago "Violetto"
Zucchine "Trombetta"
called the “I QUATTRO D’ALBENGA”.

Agricultural Products Warehouse

Our agricultural warehouse is the largest in the region and represents a point of reference for over two thousand companies in the Albenga plain area. Here you will find the best products for agriculture, including fertilizers, pesticides, pots, irrigation systems, animal care products and wine items. Furthermore, we also offer the latest products for organic farming.

Technical field

The Technical Office is the flagship of our Cooperative. The highly qualified staff provides our members with information on the latest news relating to the products marketed, on the best periods to carry out treatments, on product registrations for the different crops, as well as on the most suitable fertilization techniques. In collaboration with various companies distributing pesticides, seeds and fertilizers, we carry out numerous preliminary tests to evaluate the effectiveness and phytotoxicity of the products. Furthermore, we work closely with seed companies to study new varietal selections and hybrids with new resistance to pathogens and diseases.

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