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The principle: The LUBING Fogging-System was developed for the effective cooling and humidification of ambient air. Water at a pressure of 70 bar is supplied to the air as fog via high-pressure nozzles. The fog evaporates and withdraws heat energy from the air so that two effects can be achieved simultaneously: Cooling and humidification
Cooling: Cooling the air in summer can achieve higher cooling capacities with an adapted ventilation rate. The droplet sizes of the mist must be smaller than 20 micrometers for good cooling performance, so that they can evaporate quickly. At our system we work with nozzles that produce droplets of less than 5 micrometers for optimum cooling performance.
Humidifying: The Fogging-System can be used to increase humidity, especially in summer when the supply air has low humidity. A stable air humidity in the greenhouse helps the plants to keep the stomata open, which serves for a stable nutrient supply of the plant. In addition, dry heating air can be humidified in winter, thus reducing the air rate and reducing the exchange of heated air and CO2.

Product range



The LUBING Pad-Climate-System is made entirely of plastic. The LUBING evaporative cooling pad system is used in systems where highly efficient cooling is required. It can be used for many different cooling purposes.

The evaporative cooling principle:

Water is circulated through the system by a pump station and supplied to the top of the cooling pad via a water distribution pipe ant the deflector. The water flows down the corrugated surface of the evaporative cooling pad. Part of the water is evaporated by the warm and dry air that passes through the pad. The rest of the water assists in washing the pad, and is drained back to the pump station through a water gutter system. The heat that is needed for the evaporation is taken from the air itself. The air that leaves the pad is therefore cooled and humidified simultaneously without any external energy supply for the evaporation process: An entirely natural cooling process.

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LUBING Maschinenfabrik, founded in 1949, is a manufacturer of Climate-Systems and Conveyor-Systems. Our agricultural origin lies in the field of livestock husbandry. The Climate-Systems, which we have had in our product range since 1996, are used for cooling and air humidification in stables. With the close connection to the agriculture, our systems have been used more and more in other agricultural areas. Initially, the systems were used in the storage of vegetables. Due to the successful use and the reliability of our systems, the areas of application are constantly being expanded. Thus we offer our now nearly 25 years of experience in the field of Climate-Systems since one year also for greenhouses. In the field of conveyor systems, our origin also lies in agricultural animal husbandry. Our conveyor systems, which were developed in 1976 for egg transport, have made us the world market leader due to the flexible modular system and the enormously important reliability in this area. Thanks to our extensive product portfolio, we are able to provide Conveyor-Systems for any route. With our 10 subsidiaries, we are represented worldwide for you on site.

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