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AMN® BioVit Strengthening of the natural Plant’s Resistance

AMN® BioVit  Strengthening of the natural Plant’s Resistance


Rather than fighting against particular plant diseases, the future of plant production is all about the organic and sustainable production of healthy plants that are capable of resisting stress situations without any harm.

AMN® BioVit is an organic plant additive, which is produced in a specially developed process.


  • Due to a high concentration of garlic extract, the product contains huge amounts of helpful amino acids, trace elements and micronutrients.
  • Suitable for all plant species growing open-air or in glasshouses.
  • Great results especially with roses, viticulture, berry and vegetable cultivation.
  • AMN® BioVit increases the natural taste of fruits and vegetables as well as the sugar levels in berries and grapes. 
  • Can be combined with plant protection products and pesticides and thereby increases the impact of those products. To obtain best results, it should be used preventively and regularly. 
Product range

AMN® PowerFertiliser 7-2-3 Organic Liquid Fertiliser for Vigorous and Strong Plants

AMN® PowerFertiliser 7-2-3 Organic Liquid Fertiliser for Vigorous and Strong Plants


Feeding the soil with fermented organic herbal plant substances improves the soil fertility and results in sturdy and healthy plants.  Active-Micro Nutrients (AMN®) PowerFertiliser provides an ideal mixture of major nutrients as well as trace elements, which are essential for strong and healthy plants.



  • Works successfully as a foliar feed.
  • Can be used for all types of plants.
  • Visible results within 8 days on herbaceous plants.
  • Contains iron chelate derived from the bark of fir trees.
  • Contains vitamins and homoeopathic agents stimulating and activating micro-organic processes within the soil, which are vital for a healthy plant growth.
Product range

BASE RECIPE - For All Sorts Of Crops

BASE RECIPE - For All Sorts Of Crops

The well-matched and cost-effective way to healthy and stress-resistant plants as well as vigorous and sustainable soils.


AMN Natural Activ®-bio   

Vitalising Fertiliser 7-3-7.


AMN Fusek®

Strengthening of Plant and Soil.


AMN® PowerFertiliser

Organic and wholesome Nutrition

Company profile

Our family business founded in 1903 specialises in organic and vitalising plant care.

Our mission is the stabilization of the entire plant culture through the use of nutrients and micro-organisms that have become absent in and through conventional horti- and agriculture. This enables your business to prevent deficiency symptoms, loss of production and expensive symptomatic treatments.

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