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Products and innovations

Innovation and automation in weed control

Innovation and automation in weed control

Mantis ULV-Sprühgeräte GmbH, the recognized manufacturer of MANKAR ULV-systems and by now also well-known for environmentally friendly weed control with hot water under the name BioMant, continues to be innovative. The latest development is based on a successful collaboration with Abemec from the Netherlands, a dealer like for the French agricultural robots from Naïo Technologies.

Oz, the smallest robot from Naïo, but also larger robot-models, can now be equipped with a specially designed MANKAR ULV-spraying system. This pressureless ULV system efficiently and economically sprays conventional herbicides, mixtures, and biological herbicides. Different models exist, such as with one or two spray shields and different spray widths and these machines are ideal for weed control in row crops.

"Through deepening our cooperation with dealers and manufacturers of autonomous vehicles, MANKAR ULV-technology is making its way into the latest generation of 'Smart Farming Systems,'" says Hiske Weissmann, Managing Director of Mantis ULV-Sprühgeräte GmbH. "The ULV-spraying systems are perfectly suited for economical and targeted spraying of most liquid preparations, as much less product and hardly any water need to be transported compared to conventional spraying technology. The MANKAR-spraying systems are thus not only an ideal complement for robots but also for drones," Weissmann adds.

The Oz robot with ULV spraying kit can be seen at the Mantis ULV booth. In addition to the MANKAR ULV systems, the complete BioMant range of hot water devices for chemical-free weed control will also be represented.

Mantis thus offers a complete range of professional equipment for weed control, both for the use of biological agents and herbicides and hot water.

Product range

MANKAR ULV spraying systems with new R-nozzle

MANKAR ULV spraying systems with new R-nozzle

MANKAR® spraying systems are professional systems for effective, environmentally responsible and yet economical weed control with herbicides or herbicide mixtures without water. They are based on ULV (ultra low volume) technology for optimum distribution of an extremely small amount of active product with an even droplet size.
This means that the amount of herbicide required can be considerably reduced.

Latest generation
The latest generation of MANKAR nozzles, the "R model", allows economical application of especially organic herbicides and herbicide mixtures. Its has greater flow than the traditional ULV-nozzle and is equipped with a round spray hood with a diameter of 35 cm.

Hand-held units for maximum flexibility
The portable models are ideal for use in areas of dense cultivation, areas where rows are irregular, or wherever, due to surface properties, a high degree of flexibility is required.

Wheelbarrow units for row cultivation and paths
The MANKAR®-Roll models are suitable, for example, for row cultivation, grass areas and paths and squares with water-bound surfaces*. Wheel-driven pumps enable accurate, path-dependent metering over larger distances and areas too.

Mounted units for large area application
The units for mounting or attaching are suitable for large-scale use in row cultivation, grass areas and paths and squares with water-bound surfaces.

Product range

BioMant for thermal weed control

BioMant for thermal weed control

BioMant machines destroy weed with water heated to 99.5°C. The high temperature of the water destroy the cell structure of the plant, causing the upper part to die off. After multiple treatments, the plant grows so weak that it dies off completely.

The new BioMant-Flex series convinces with its compact dimensions and low weight, so that it can even be used in conjunction with a carrier vehicles with a low payload. With a water flow rate of 15 l/min, the BioMant-Flex offers a high area performance. The different drive types of the water pump available, make these machines flexible in use, including an optional high-pressure function.

The BioMant-Compact EL is ideal for small areas such as the driveway in front of a private garage. The Compact BE can be used for the maintenance of large parks and cemeteries, as can the BioMant-Flex.

Company profile

Mantis ULV-Sprühgeräte GmbH started in 1975 with the development, production and sales of specialised ULV spraying systems for a variety of applications.

Over the years, Mantis has been able to build its expertise and now offers a full and wide range of optimally designed spraying systems for professional use. As the specialist in professional weed control, Mantis offers BioMant and MANKAR® ULV spraying ssytems for thermal weed control as well as weed control with (bio-)herbicides.

Beyond weed control, Mantis also offers MAFEX® spraying systems for crop protection (e. g. potatoes, fruit and silage), ROFA sprayers for insect control and disinfection, as well as a variety of MANTIS ULV® spraying systems and components for the public health sector and other industries like pre-fab concrete or food processsing.

Through our global network of independent sales partners, our sprayers are available in most countries in the world. Our partners can help customers evrywhere choose the sprayer that is best suited to their needs and also ensure quality service and teh availability of spare parts.

At Mantis, we continuously strive to make the best quality sprayers that suit the needs and continuously evolving demands of our clients.