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The market leading CoolStack® grow lights offer you precisely what you need!

The choice between multiple power and light levels up to a PPF of 4390µmol/s guarantees you an optimal balance between the number of lamps you need to install, a minimal investment cost, and a perfect light distribution.

Our research team has developed a multitude of light spectra, from full spectra for grow rooms to dedicated narrow band spectra for vegetable production, young plants, germination, and each specific process in plant growth that needs to be optimized.

You can choose between static or dynamic lighting, from a single channel fix spectrum to dual or triple channel controls. This way, you can adjust the light spectra to the plant's specific needs at each growth stage.

With over five hundred hectares of installed lamps in greenhouses and grow rooms, the CoolStack® became the reference for LED top lights in Europe and gained the trust of many leading growers around the world.


All MechaTronix multi-channel grow lights are foreseen from a dynamic load balancing.

This way, when you dim down a part of the spectrum, that energy becomes available for the main channel. A 1000 watt grow light with 3 channels, for example, is foreseen from 1000 watts of red and blue, 100 watts of green and 100 watts of far red.

When there is enough solar radiation you can switch down the green part and use that energy on the red and blue part which gives you a much higher efficacy of photon production and a higher dose of photosynthesis in the crop.

All together, this immediately leads to a higher yield in the production.


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Product range

CoolGrow® Linear - LED grow light bar Vertical Farming

CoolGrow® Linear - LED grow light bar Vertical Farming

The CoolGrow® Linear LED grow light offers a unique platform for single- and multi-layer crop cultivation plant factories.
In traditional light setups, many times a big part of the produced light isn’t used in an effective way. With the CoolGrow® Linear everything becomes just that little more effective, which makes the difference at the end.

By positioning the LED grow light bars as close as possible to the crops, all the produced light is steered in the crop in the most effective way.
Also, the generated heat, although less present than in other grow light technologies, will in this way make a positive contribution to the stomatal opening and plant activation.

The light intensity on the plant canopy can be determined by the distance to the crop, the number of light bars on the surface as well as by light output controls on the lamps themselves.
This way, you can optimise the PPFD needed light level on the crop for each of the plant's growth stages.

The CoolGrow® Linear can be installed in a horizontal setup with each lamp parallel to each other and bridged by a cable as in most traditional grow light setups, but can also be directly interconnected to each other to generate a long line of light in the grow rack installations. This last method saves a lot of cabling and delivers an overall more neat installation over the canopy.

Because we can’t explain all potential cultivars and crop stages in this brochure, we limit ourselves here on potential setups for leafy greens and salads, medicinal cannabis, vegetative growth, flowering and multi-layer strawberry cultivation techniques.
Of course the potential of the CoolGrow® Linear goes much wider than these, in case you have specific cultivation requests, let us know and our plant lighting experts will be happy to advise you.


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Company profile

With its headquarter in The Netherlands, production facilities in The Netherlands and Canada, and high-end R&D hubs in New Taipei and Kaohsiung Taiwan, MechaTronix leads the world of advanced LED grow lights. As part of the 8 Lakes group with headquarter in Breda The Netherlands the company combines the high-end world of Asian technology and manufacturing with the cores and values of a West European market leader.

We bring innovative technologies and insights into the world of horticulture assimilation lighting which aim at the highest yields as well as controllability and repeatability.

We challenge you to go arm-in-arm with us on your horticulture grow light adventure and guarantee you a unique journey.


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