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Company profile

Creation is our DNA
In our center of research at Le Cannet des Maures (France – 83340), our research teams are developing every year breeding programs ahead of markets trends and improving qualities of Roses. The long experience, deep expertise and exceptional pool of progenitors are the pillars of Meilland’s creation team.

Each year, between April and late July, 20000-30000 flowers are pollinated manually based on 2,000 and 2,500 crossings.

Innovations under protection
To enhance and secure our investment in research, and continue to innovate, we strive to protect our creations.

Meilland varieties are the subject of patents, of Plant Variety Certificates and brands for their promotion in more than 40 countries.

To date, Meilland operates more than 1,000 titles of protection and holds a portfolio of 500 brands.

A valued expertise
Meilland implements marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and make its collections to professionals and the general public.

We support the sale of our varieties by providing licensees and retailers, promotional material rewarding and elegant.

We also participate in over 30 trade shows and fans around the world and are now on the Internet and on social networks.

A challenging selection process
Once harvested, about sowing 150-200000 are planted each year. They are subject to extremely rigorous ratings and selections to keep only the best varieties. These are then tested in some fifteen test stations in different climatic conditions and in major markets.

This creative process requires between 8 and 10 years for garden roses and 4 to 6 years for rose bushes for the production of cut flowers.

Finally, only a dozen varieties is marketed: extreme requirement for Meilland creations to be honored every year by prestigious awards in international competitions.

A production blooming worldwide
Meilland produces and markets its plants in Europe. Our teams are also present in 60 countries granting production licenses on all continents, achieving 80% of our business in international markets.